Beard Grow XL

About us

Delta Genesis (Sold in our Premium Plus Nutrition stores) is passionate about facial hair growth and support products.  We believe that to achieve a healthy, full beard you need nourishment from the inside and outside.

That is why we created a line of products that complement each other and work like nothing else on the market.

Be proud of your facial hair. If your facial hair is thin or you are not getting the growth you desire, our products will help you achieve the beard of your dreams.

Healthy facial hair growth starts from the inside that is why we created the first, revolutionary supplement to help you grow your beard to the max. 

Our products are created for all ethnicities and backgrounds in mind, and are not suited for any particular hair / facial type. 

Delta Genesis products are the top facial aid products in over 16 countries.  We have expedited shipping worldwide so you are not caught without the best facial hair products wherever you are in the world.

Beard Grow XL is a one of a kind vitamin supplement designed to help your body support facial hair growth from the inside out.

Beard Flux XL is a beard oil that works in conjunction with Beard Grow XL to nourish your beard from the outside and help grow healthy facial hair. 

We are a brand that knows, lives and breathes beards!

Do not leave the fullness of your beard to chance - supplement it inside and out so that you can wear your facial hair proudly.

Our entire line of products makes for a great gift or anytime purchase for the 'man' of your life.